Why Beacons?
It is the next big thing.


iPod: "was a thousand songs in your pocket."

iPhone: "was an Internet communicator in your pocket."

                                    ....but you still had to search for stuff

iBeacon: "is the Internet DELIVERED to your pocket."

Once again, Apple changes everything. iBeacon technology is another major curve jump, with the Internet now delivered to you based upon exactly where you are.

Here at Place Global we've done the hardwork for you and built an end-to-end ibeacon platform anyone can use. It requires no programming expertise and allows you participate in the emerging beacon economy. If you have an idea, chances are you can accomplish it with our Place Suite of products: PlaceApp, PlaceBeacons and PlaceConnect . Please click on the links below to learn more.


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PlaceApp, PlaceBeacons and PlaceConnect: The Internet Delivered℠

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