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 Travel, Rentals and Security.

Drop a Geo Pin and Attach a Rental


Property Concierge

Publish any / all information to create uniquely elegant experiences with location-specific and personalized content. Your vistor can view and capture property information, self-guided tours, maps brochures, interactive video, audio, images, existing websites, html and links for more pizazz to promote your rental and surrounding activities in an engaging manner.

Security Access Info

Create temporary 'keys' that can unlock special content when a person arrives at your rental, for special instructions, lock box information and other non-public data. Quick links can also allow easy communication with property management, if desired.

Customer Self-service

Allow clients to personalize their experience by age, gender, language and picklist selections. Enable self-guided tours, even with audio, publish and allow clients to gather the information they want and need on their own.

Guest Tracking

Understand flow of visitors, traffic patterns and dwell times. Analyze tracking data to better plan and provide guest demographic information to enable better target marketing for new rentals.

Social Sharing

Enable guests to save and share your public rental information with family and friends through social media, text and email. Rental information and availability can be updated in real time with latest information to stimulate new rentals.

Central Management

Property owners and management can centrally control data without ever having to leave their desk. Easily updated with no programming needed.

A Magical Experience
and No Hassle Communication

Tracking and Data Analytics

PlaceConnect and PlaceApp contains user tracking abilities. Use this information to understand flow of people, picklist selections, traffic patterns, times and dwell times. Analyze tracking data to better plan and understand aggregated demographic information for marketing spend and ROI evaluation.

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