Smart Cities

 Connect people to places, options, activities & warnings

Safer, Smarter, More Efficient Communities



Smart Transit

Communicate road, bus and train alerts, routes, schedules, maps and localized marketing for retailers, coffee shops and restaurants.

Culture Connection

Highlight neighborhood culture, schools, history and landmarks to increase awareness and civic pride.

Public Safety

Warn citizens of closings and dangers. Provide pre-determined escape routes, emergency content and live stream instructions during active events.

Support Economic Vitality

Assist local businesses with proximity content, promotion and activities. Help with business development, outline and understand city opportunities.

Public-Private Partnership

Coordinate location content between government, local businesses and business opportunities.

Gov't Services

Provide government services, info distribution, queue management and tracking. Targeted informaton by age, gender, language and use rich video, audio, forms, existing websites and links for more information.

Flow & Patterns

Understand flow of people, traffic patterns, times and dwell times. Analyze tracking data to better plan and provide aggregated demographic information for business development and opportunities.

Asset & Project Management

Track assets and allow employees to report in with daily update for project management purposes.

Shared Experiences

Enable visitors to share smart city content and information among social media outlets, and return to place content to interact or learn more at their own convenince.

Enabling More Efficient,
Effective and Responsive

Public Safety

PlaceConnect and PlaceApp contain Emergency Egress and communication functionality. In an emergency situation, pre-loaded proximity-based egress content, maps and other information can be delivered by putting the location into emergency mode. In addition, a live streaming window allows for continual communication and updates during an ongoing event.

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