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Listings Agents

Listing Agents can generate more business and create uniquely elegant experiences with location-specific and personalized content. Any nearby client can view and capture property information, self-guided tours, maps brochures, interactive video, audio, images, existing websites, html and links for more pizazz to sell homes and promote communities in an engaging manner 24x7.

Buyers Agents

Buyers Agent can receive special private information, lock box information and other non-public data. Quick links can allow easy communication with listing agents. Easily showcase the property with key information to buyers on the go.

Customer Self-service

Allow clients to personalize their experience by age, gender, language and picklist selections. Enable self-guided tours, even with audio, and allow clients to gather the information they want and need on their own. Self-registration at open houses and self-discovery at sales centers, eliminating sign-in sheets and paper.

Entice Traffic

Provide alert notification and content to nearby users to entice them to the property. All information can be delivered while potential borrower is standing or driving passed the listing.

Social Sharing

Enable potential buyers to save and share listings they’ve attended with family and friends through social media, text and email. Listings can be updated in real time with latest information to stimulate buying triggers.

Central Management

Real Estate Marketing personal can centrally manage listings and data without ever having to leave their desk. Easily updated from sale to sale. No need to print and refill sign flyer boxes, ever. Use templates and drop content with no programming needed.

High Tech, High Touch Real Estate Service

Tracking and Data Analytics

PlaceConnect and PlaceApp contains user tracking abilities. Use this information to understand flow of people, picklist selections, traffic patterns, times and dwell times. Analyze tracking data to better plan and provide aggregated demographic information for client reports and ROI evaluation.

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