PlaceConnect delivers content to a specific location.


Create Magic

Each customer receives a Cloud-based PlaceConnect Location Content Server to design, author, target and track users.

  • When a user comes within proximity of your geo pins or beacons, the content you create will be displayed.
  • Create content views, the containers of content that you will attach to your places.
  • Create regions where PlaceApp will listen for geographic locations or beacon devices.
  • Drop geo pins or add beacons and attach your content views.
  • Add app behavior settings to control how your app functions in specific locations.
  • Set branding to control how your app looks in private mode or in your specific app.
  • Go public to share content, or make it private for your company or specific app.

PlaceConnect Location Content Server allows proximity detecting apps to deliver targeted content to a user at a specific location. Whether you are a real estate agent, restaurateur, smart city expert, event manger, museum curator, educator, or an operations expert with industrial needs, delivering targeted content enables you to create magic.

We've done the hard work for you! PlaceConnect with iOS and Android PlaceApp technology is a complete turn-key solution that puts proximity delivery and tracking technology into the hands of anyone and everyone, not just programmers. Use PlaceConnect to create and manage your location-based experiences. Add regions to monitor, geo pins (latitude/longitude) or beacons, and attach content to the location. It's as simple as drawing a region circle, dropping a pin, and assigning a content view.

PlaceConnect will allow you to deliver existing mobile designed websites, or author your own content. You can manage locations, beacons, notifications, content views, welcome content and deep links. With language, age, audience, role/member filtering, you can easily serve rich targeted content and change it anytime. Any level of information depth is available to use, including custom text, urls, images, audio and video.

PlaceConnect is agressively priced with pay-as-you-go usage fees. The server provides incredible content targeting capabilities and premium analytics, so you can further understand your audience, flow patterns, dwell time patterns and segment reports by demographic context.

PlaceGlobal also provides a free PlaceApp apps on iOS or Android to receive your experience. You can choose private mode and skin the app to your design. Contact us directly for custom app needs.

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Drop a Geo Pin or use any iBeacon
Attach content to deliver an amazing experience