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Create a region, add beacons and attach content


Robust Experience

Bring life and story to paintings, exhibits, statues and collections. Provide robust, location content with targeted informaton by age, gender, language. Use rich video, audio, forms, images, existing websites, html and links to delight and engage.

Communicate Events

Draw people in enabling location content nearby. Welcome and inform visitors of new attractions, special events and promotions.

Public Safety

Warn vistors of safety events. Provide pre-determined escape routes, emergency content and live stream instructions during active events.


Sell gift shop items and links to shop store while your visitors are experiencing specific art pieces. Allow them to revisit the content and shop after their visit.

Upsell Memberships

Upsell memberships and offer more VIP experiences to your museum members. Provide curator level content exclusively for museum members and new sales opportunites for the museum.

Self-Guided Tours

Sell self-guided tours of new exhibits and existing collections. Daily keys allow for time sensitive paid tours, and new sales opportunities.

Social Sharing

Enable visitors to share information among social media outlets, and return to your content to learn more at their own convenince.

Flow and Patterns

Understand flow of people, traffic patterns, times and dwell times. Analyze tracking data to better plan and provide demographic information to advertisers, sponsors and membership sales.


Monetize your exhibits and collections by selling advertising and sponsor content to be displayed along with your robust museum experiences.

Raise Revenue While Delighting Your Visitors

Public Safety

PlaceConnect and PlaceApp contain Emergency Egress and communication functionality. In an emergency situation, pre-loaded proximity-based egress content, maps and other information can be delivered by putting the location into emergency mode. In addition, a live streaming window allows for continual communication and updates during an ongoing event.

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