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Place Global Releases First Beacon Management System for Universal Use

DENVER, CO - May 13, 2015 - Place Global today released its 'Place' suite of products, as the beacon platform for everyone. After months of testing with companies in twenty-two nations, Place Global unveiled its product suite at the Internet of Things World conference in San Francisco. The solution requires no programming and offers customers unique opportunities to leverage proximity technology in the emerging beacon space. Place Global solutions are beacon agnostic and capable of serving any vertical, from hospitality and industry to real estate and special education in any part of the world.

Underscoring a diversity of uses, award-winning JW Marriott Denver Cherry Creek implemented Place Global's full beacon management suite. JW Marriott Denver uses beacons to welcome guests, deliver exceptional service, and inform visitors about the hotel, its contemporary art collection, restaurant, fitness and event centers. "We are very excited to be the first hotel to install this cutting-edge technology as it illustrates our dedication to offering guests a truly unique experience," said JW Marriott Denver General Manager JoAnn Elston. "The system provides easy management for JW Marriott associates and allows visitors to explore the hotel through their mobile phones and tablets."

The Onerva Center for Learning in Jyvaskyla, Finland deployed Place Global's beacon management suite to help educate visually impaired students. Students travel around the Onerva School and discover beacons. These visually impaired students receive an audio message from the PlaceApp and it gives instructions for completing tasks that incorporate math, physics, etc. "The combination of Place solutions and Google classroom works perfectly," said Timo Repo, Onervas' IT device specialist. "We use a Google form with the Place solution, and teachers collect answers in Google Classroom. The staff likes it, and it furthers our ability to teach and our mission to serve the visually impaired."

Alan Johnson, the company's CEO said, "Place Global's mobile-enabled 'Place' product suite brings beacon technology to everyone, and transforms the way educators, consumers and businesses will interact with their world. We are thrilled to bring this platform to market and can't wait to see how this technology will be used to accomplish things and enrich lives in ways that simply could not be done before."

Place Global's end-to-end solution features a global cloud-based beacon management system, called PlaceBMS; a free beacon browser for iOS and Android called PlaceApp; and 'bring-your-own-beacon' or optional beacon devices called PlaceBeacons. Localized into twenty-two languages, the Place suite delivers rich, context-specific and targeted content by language, age, gender, roles, memberships and function. In addition to social sharing, premium analytics and content scheduling, the solution offers unique emergency egress functionality. It provides an easy-to-use interface, which requires no special programming or development expertise, enabling anyone to participate in the beacon economy. Offered in three value tiers, PlaceBMS - the beacon management system - paired with the apps and the beacons, unlocks new potential and opportunities.

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